+421 Foundation / Nadácia +421

Our Mission

The +421 Foundation pursues a mission of enhancing relations's between the Slovak people and foreigners by showcasing the cultural richness of Slovakia to American audiences, and by creating opportunities for mutually beneficial interaction among Slovak and foreign interests in the cultural sphere and beyond.

The name of the organization derives from the international telephone calling code for Slovakia, which is +421. The organization hopes to generate visibility for Slovak arts and culture and for humanitarian issues facing Slovakia today through art exhibitions, performances, educational workshops, and cultural events.

Our Goals

The +421 Foundation pursues its mission by focusing on activities that will expose influential Foreign audiences to the cultural, intellectual and social richness of Slovakia, and provide opportunities for collaboration among artists, designers, performers, writers, and other cultural players from Slovakia and the World.


cultural aspect


  • to promote Slovak culture and arts in the world

  • to generate visibility of Slovakia and the humanitarian issues facing Slovakia today through the works of its talented artists, students, and performers


philanthropic aspect


  • to create alliances with other not-for-profit organizations and foundations

  • to support diverse humanitarian causes in Slovakia and  throughout the world

  • +421 Foundation proudly supports medical facilities for children with cerebral palsy in Slovakia through facilities for children with cerebral palsy in Slovakia

Current Programs

+421’s current programming encompasses three principal areas:


  • Design and Fashion Showcases featuring emerging Slovak fashion designers, presented by Slovak and Foreign theatrical design and production teams in collaboration with models and performers representing the newest trends in international style.

  • Entertainment Showcases featuring theater, dance, and musical presentations in both contemporary and traditional Slovak idioms, celebrating the roots that bridge Old World and New World cultural expression.

  • Promotional Forums gathering together leaders from various public and private sectors under consular auspices to explore and encourage innovative partnerships to further the overall mission of the +421 Foundation.

Future Programming

The Foundation anticipates a future broadening of activities both geographically and programmatically. Among +421’s ambitions are:


  • Artists Exchange Programs in which emerging Slovak artists from various disciplines are placed in residence in reciprocal host organizations and supported in producing cross-culturally significant work.

  • Touring Programs in which Slovak artists, performers and other cultural ambassadors can travel throughout the World to broaden awareness and appreciation

  • Arts Commissions providing professional opportunities for emerging Slovak artists of various disciplines to create new commissioned work for Slovak and Foreign audiences in collaboration with galleries and performance venues in various places in the World.