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About Us

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity,
and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.”

Our Story

My name is Eva Staronova and I am a Slovak American. I earned my master's degrees in Business Administration from Columbia University, New York, as well as Comenius University of Bratislava majoring in marketing management and international business. After completing my studies I was inspired to give back to the communities that helped to support and shape me throughout my life. This is what prompted me to establish the Plus421 Fondation, Inc. with offices in both Manhattan, NY and Bratislava, Slovakia. I extend a special thank you to our founding member, the late William Simmons.


My initial vision for the organization’s mission centered on the combination of philanthropy and culture. I aspired to connect cultures through the enhancement of relationships between the American and Slovak people. The goal was to showcase the cultural richness of Slovakia through the works of Slovak artists and share them within the art, design, and cultural communities of the US. The continued goal is to create opportunities for mutually beneficial interaction among Slovak and American interests in the cultural sphere and beyond.


One of our most successful projects continues to be our annual Slovak Fashion Night which takes place during New York City's Fashion Week. Thanks to our eclectic and diversified event rosters over the years we are able to proudly support a myriad of young artists, fashion designers, visual artists, singers and musicians, writers, dancers and performers. This specific event, amongst others, has solidified the Plus421 Foundation's core commitment to the development and connection of Slovak and American culture. 


Once my initial vision of creating opportunities for artistic and cultural development started to materialize, we began to establish, align, and layer in our philanthropic goals. Through our cultural events we generate funds and raise awareness for people in need. I am thrilled to share that we have been able to help support the YAI New York and its network for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Maventy Health International and the child malnutrition program, Nezabudka (Forget-me-not) Center for people with special needs, autism and cerebral palsy centers, just to name a few.

Board of Trustees

Our Team

William Simmons (deceased)
Honorary Founding Member

Sandra Sabbahi​​

Art Director (USA)

Livia Fleming​​

Project Manager (USA)

Irina Reinhard​​

Social Media Manager (SK)

Lubica Surkosova

Honorary Founding Member

Mgr. Zuzana Bollová​​

Legal Advisor (SVK)

Katarína Morháčová

Honorary Board Member

Simona Maniaci

Secretary (USA)

Monika Lacekova
Artistic Director

Wayne Bartlet

Artistic Adviser (USA)

Emma Sharman
Web Editor (UK)

Advisory Board


Zuzana Andreánska​
Richard Stilicha

Roman Lazar

Martin Samaj

Esq. Clif Perlmanj

Jolana Blau

Gitka Hlavinka

Lenka Opálená

Soňa Postová

Jonathan Klein
Ana Ancin​
Natalie Eslyn

Ting Ji

Ester Luteran

Anna Marková

Veronika Ostrihoňová

Henry Pryl

Barbora Rakovská

Hamid Sabbahi

Blanka Stichová

Daniela Stričková

Lydia Siska

Ľubomíra Štefaniaková

Mick Vezník

Elvíra Vida

Laura Wagner

Nicole Zahour

Adriana Zimová

The +421 Foundation (United States) is a 501©3 not-for-profit education corporation, registered in the State of New York and affiliated with the +421 Foundation in Slovakia.

The Foundation’s governance structure and by-laws provide he legal and operational framework within with the Foundation may pursue its mission in accordance with legal regulations and best-practice nonprofit standards.

The +421 Foundation is governed in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code Section 501©3 by a Board of Trustees. Legal and fiduciary responsibility for the operation of the +421 Foundation resides solely with the Board, which is empowered to enter into legally binding agreements on the +421 Foundation’s behalf.

Our Partners

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