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Slovaks living abroad

The Slovak Republic, Slovakia for short, is a small country located in the very heart of Europe. In the last two centuries hundreds of thousands of Slovaks migated mainly to the USA, but later to Canada and other countries. Many returned to Slovakia, but nost have settled permanently in their new homes abroad.

Here we tell the stories of those who have returned as well as provide information for those wishing to re-establish links with their homeland.

Who are Slovaks living abroad?

Turbulent historical developments usually lead to a significant emigration rate from the affected area. It was no different in the case of Slovakia. The economic and later political situation in Slovakia at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century contributed to waves of emigration with thousands of people choosing to change their lives and move abroad.

Those who migrated have since started families in these countries or have already come to them with their families. Generations of descendants who followed their Slovak ancestors became citizens of the states their ancestors came. However, many of these descendants did not forget their Slovak roots, took an active interest in the culture of their ancestors, and passed on their knowledge to future generations.


The Slovak Republic has not forgotten the descendants of Slovaks who emigrated abroad. On 1 April 2022 it amended its Citizenship Act to make it easier for them to obtain Slovak citizenship.

In response to the amendment, this guide summarizes the changes made to the Citizenship Act and provides guidance to Slovaks living abroad on obtaining Slovak citizenship.

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Slovak Studies Program

The Plus421 Foundation in cooperation with Slovak-American school network proudly presents a ladderized and microcredential-based Slovak Studies Program.

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