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Donate On-line

We accept online contributions through NetworkforGood on-line fundraising engine. To support the +421 Foundation Inc., please click on the DONATE NOW button below or use a direct Capital One Bank Giving site by clicking on the button below. We highly appreciate your support and do our best to enhance the +421 Foundation’s mission.

Your dollar donations are tax-deductible (according to law), you’ll receive an e-mail receipt for your records. The nonprofit sector cannot take the place of government programs, nor can it single-handedly cure the ills and disparities of society. But each of us can make a difference in a small way, in our own sphere, and can find ways to help that will make our efforts worth the time and trouble we invest in them.

Fast Facts about Giving


  •     89% of American households make a contribution to one or more charitable organization.
  •     The average gift of contributing households is $1,620, or 3.1% of income.
  •     According to Giving USA, individual Americans gave more than $222 billion to charitable and community causes in 2007

Some of the Best Reasons to Give


  •     Giving helps keep taxes and other costs down.
  •     Giving returns to society some of the benefits society gives you.
  •     Giving lets those who have more, share with those who have less.
  •     Giving encourages more giving - you can set an example for others.

When you donate to your favorite charities and causes through Network for Good, you receive the benefit of knowing you're helping to make a difference. But you're also receiving the benefit of a deduction to apply to your taxes.

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