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Donations IN-Kind

If you are willing to donate products and services, we are delighted to provide you with the following information on products and services our Foundation could benefit the most.


  • office supplies
  • promotional materials
  • prizes and premiums (for auctions and raffles)
  • gift bags
  • gift cards
  • art works (paintings, sculptures, photographs, decorative art)
  • event tickets (opera, theater, sports tickets, etc.)
  • flight tickets
  • catering
  • beverages


  • venue rentals (event spaces – galleries, ballrooms, clubs, conference rooms, terraces, etc.)
  • professional marketing solutions
  • public relation services
  • advertising (newspapers, magazines, on-line)
  • grant proposal writing
  • graphic solutions
  • printing

For more information regarding in-kind donations, please contact us on

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