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Family Fun Run

The +421 Foundation is proud to be working alongside the International Women's Club of Bratislava (IWCB) to arrange a family FUN run around a 6km route in Zelezna Studienka, Bratislava.

SATURDAY 26 MARCH 2022 at 11:00

Amfiteáter Železná Studienka, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Supporting children and young people with special needs

Lace up your running shoes and help a good cause! We plan to run, walk, Moonwalk, skip, hop* a 6km route through the forest starting and ending at the Amfiteáter Železná Studienka.

This fun run aims to raise money, via voluntary donations at the event, to help the Nezabudka civic organisation - an organisation which the +421 Foundation has been assisting for many yeards.

Nezabudka provides education, consultancy, therapy and rehabilitation to children and young adults with special needs. They are looking to renovate and enlarge their outdoor gazebo where their education and therapy lessons can be provided.

*choose your own method of travel!

Plus 421 Foundation Family Fun Run 1
Plus 421 Foundation Family Fun Run 2

International Women's Club of Bratislava

Dom Nezábudka