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Supporting children
and young people
with special needs

We are happy to announce our support of Nezabudka Center, which offers services to those with special needs. In Slovak, “Nezabudka” is the name of the forget-me-not flower; this flower is symbolic of love for another.

In cooperation with the International Women’s Club we were able to raise funds for a gazebo. This dedicated area will provide outdoor sensorimotor and educational activities for their patients.

Nezabudka is a non-profit civic organization which the +421 Foundation has been assisting for many years. We have been partnering up with Nezabudka for the Family Fun Run and other fundraising initiatives. We were able to donate funds to benefit their young patients with severe disabilities. They used the resources to build a gazebo for the outdoor sensorimotor and educational activities. This would not be possible without our members and friends of Slovakia. 

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International Women's Club of Bratislava

Dom Nezábudka

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