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Nov 17, 2012 | Hudson Terrace


I. Velvet Revolution Party 2012 in New York, November 16th, Hudson Terrace

Czech and Slovak authorities together with the Plus421 Foundation and the Czech Center in New York celebrated once again, for the 7th time in New York, the 23rd anniversary of the Velvet Revolution in former Czechoslovakia on November 16th, 2012 in the popular Hudson Terrace NY night club.

The host and MC of the evening, Eva Jurinova, dressed in a gown by the young Slovakian designer Ivana Mackova for Marmare Collection, introduced the new Consuls of Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Hon. Jana Trnovcova, Consul General of Slovakia greeted the crowd together with her new Czech colleague, Hon. Martin Dvorak.

The cultural program included live performance of the young Slovakian virtuoso, Filip Pogady, who plugged in his electronic violin and got the party started with DJ Noyze (Eitan Noy).

Slovakian Double Cross Vodka kept the glasses full throughout the evening.

Now standard - Fall Festivity in New York:

A New World's Velvet Revolution Party, new culture based on slowly forgotten historic events.


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